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The Australian resource and construction industry grows more competitive by the day where nothing is more important to your business than making the right connections through effective communications.

Resource Industry Media’s strategic focus is connecting your business to your stakeholders. Your message must be clear. Your audience must be kept well informed and your brand and capabilities must be established, maintained, and connected. However, in an ever-changing world, who really are your stakeholders?

In today’s environment, recognising your stakeholders in much more than your shareholders, employees, and clients. Recognising the interdependent nature of life and the human foundations of business, a business now needs to consciously create value for all stakeholders i.e. customers, employees, suppliers, investors, communities, and the environment.

At Resource Industry Media we focus on what we call ‘Conscious Communications’ which transcends narrow self-interest where our motivation in creating success is primarily motivated by communicating purpose by inspiring clients and customers to extraordinary engagement, creativity and performance.

The key to good communications and stakeholder engagement to promote your business capabilities is stories; meaningful business narratives that engage and enthuse, that connect with us and create a culture that supports all stakeholders where prospective clients and customers not only want to do business with you, but are proud and inspired and believe in doing business with you.

Our passion is to support your business by fully understanding your objectives and your challenges so that we become a valued resource to your business and provide you with the right connections and professional help you need to communicate consciously and tell your business story right.

The Four Pillars of Business Planning
Corporate Communications
Connecting Industry Events
Publicity & Media Relations
Brand Development & Reputation Management
Connecting Business Talent
Social Media & Digital Communications s
Connecting to Industry
Stakeholder Engagement
Industry Partners & Collaborations


Our aim is to become a part of your business, to fully understand your objectives and your challenges, so that we become a valued resource and support to your business and provide you with the professional help you need to tell your business story right.

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