The Four Pillars of Business

Regional Industry Media implements long-term planning for our clients with what we call the ‘four pillars of business’. 

The four pillars of business incorporate:

• a Strategic Plan;
• a Business Plan;
• a Marketing Policy; and
• a Media, Communications and Stakeholder Plan.

The four pillars of business are designed to create the foundations of your  business now and into the future as we believe without the four pillars, businesses unfortunately set themselves up for failure. As the saying goes, fail to plan, plan to fail. 

The creation of a Business Plan, Marketing Policy and a Media, Communications and Stakeholder Plan, begins with a strategic planning session and the creation of a Strategic Plan.  A strategic planning session assists with defining business goals, strategy and direction and also determines businesses values.  Why are values important?  The values of any business determines its aims, mission, objectives and most importantly, its message.

Please note: RIM can deliver the four pillars of business either individually, combined or as a complete set for your business.